A colophon is a page at the back of a book, originating from the Greek word for “summit”. The purpose of a colophon is to give the reader information about the book’s authorship and construction methods. It is the final touch put on the work.

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User Comparison

Operating System

The Android operating system is the current usage leader, followed closely by Windows and the combined iOS/OSX operating systems.

YouAndroid40.20%Windows32.76%iOS15.91%OS X7.21%Unknown1.93%Linux0.89%Other1.10%


Chrome maintains the vast majority of the browser market worldwide, while use of Internet Explorer has dropped to less that 1%.

YouChrome64.75%Safari18.40%Firefox3.71%Samsung Internet3.30%Edge3.14%Opera2.16%Other4.54%

Screen Resolution

Screen resolution is highly fractured, underscoring the importance of using proper responsive techniques.



Globally, mobile devices are increasingly important while the use of game consoles for Internet access languishes.


Source: Statcounter Worldwide statistics (Aug 2020).

Navigation Icon

The main navigation icon is a ship’s wheel in homage to Netscape Navigator, the inherent nautical theme of the World Wide Web, and because I hate the hamburger.

N.E.Lilly Logo

The site logo is a minimalist design by N.E.Lilly based on the coat of arms of Thomas Lilly of Bromsgrove (1502 - 1572), as described in Burke’s General Armory. 3 white lilies on a field of red, with a swan crest.

3 white lilies on a field of red, with a swan crest.

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